CryptoHedgeprovides you with a knowledgeable team and a clear explanation of a trusted path to gaining exposure to the digital asset space through Bitcoin.

At CryptoHedge, we found many of our clients had the same concern. They had become interested in the Digital Asset space yet struggled to find trusted information around acquiring the actual asset. Moving meaningful investment capital into an unfamiliar exchange appeared daunting and complicated. Clients often mentioned their traditional investment broker did not offer pure Bitcoin investing, and self-directed platforms made them uncomfortable. When searching Bitcoin online they would come across articles of nightmare scenario’s detailing an individual losing large sums of money because they lost their Bitcoin keys (password). These headlines made the thought of acquiring the asset on their own even more unappealing.

John T. Moyer

John T. Moyer

Founder & President

John T. Moyer, founder and president, established CryptoHedge in January 2021. The firm helps investors gain exposure to Bitcoin, the leader in the emerging digital assets class.

John launched his business career by founding a successful high-performance automotive coatings company. In 2014, he took an interest in the digital asset space and Bitcoin mining. Three years later he purchased his first Bitcoin and spent the following three years developing expertise in purchasing, transferring and securely storing Bitcoin and helping friends and family incorporate Bitcoin as an investment in their portfolios.

In addition to CryptoHedge, John co-founded Digital Asset Investors of PA, an investment group focused on emerging opportunities in the digital asset space. He holds the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Series 65 securities license, which is required for individuals to act as investment advisers in the U.S.

John Moyer

John Moyer

Compliance Officer

Before joining CryptoHedge, as compliance officer, John Moyer held positions with major health systems in Central Pennsylvania, including Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Pinnacle Health. While at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, he served as director of clinical simulation and established the use of computerized manikins as teaching tools for medical students, nurses, residents and allied health professionals. As vice president of planning and marketing for Pinnacle, he helped create the first urgent care center in Pennsylvania.

John earned a master’s degree in business administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to serving as compliance officer for CryptoHedge, he is active in nonprofit organizations that provide services to low-income individuals and families.

John Sickler

Jon Sickler

Technical Operations Director

Jon Sickler brings experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with strong analytics and reporting skills, to his position as technical operations director at CryptoHedge. Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in applied statistics and actuarial science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Erica Moyer

Erica Moyer

Administrative Assistant

Erica Moyer is the administrative assistant at CryptoHedge. Before joining the firm, she spent more than 10 years in administration, human resources and customer service. Erica earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and human resource management from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.